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Experiential Marketing

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AMI. The Premier Resource Ready to Turn Airports into Experiences

At AMI, we know the real value of airports. AMI's vast experience in today's air travel environment and knowledge of passenger motivation enables us to leverage both in order to offer incredible integrated, multi-engagement marketing and sponsorship opportunities. As you'll see, some of the country's biggest and busiest airports agree.

We're intimately familiar with experiential sampling programs and product demonstrations. The genesis of our organization came from ASM and Opus Solutions, nationally-recognized leaders in experiential event management and execution, which enhances our own expertise. A look at our track record of success for our corporate clients demonstrates how uniquely powerful airport-based marketing programs can be.

We're marketing pros. Whether implemented as a client's sole promotional tactic or integrated with other marketing campaigns, AMI's airport-based marketing income programs can target, touch, and influence the millions of top-tier consumers impossible to cost-effectively reach until now.

We offer powerful teamwork built on individual talent, strategic relationships, and an unwavering vision of where we believe this industry is headed. Our executive staff brings a combined 20+ years of involvement in and implementation of 10,000+ events, sponsorship, experiential marketing, airline, and airport-based promotions.

Our senior team members include:

  • Jeff Eischen
  • Monte Wood
  • Grant Hammersley
  • Libby Jasmer
  • Scott Holmes
  • Mike Muzi

Our Strategic Partners include: Clear Channel Airports, Property Consulting Group, and Muzak.