Airport Sampling for Nabisco & Kraft Foods

As an official sponsor of the NCAA Tournament, Nabisco set out to make a positive and lasting impression on passengers traveling to Atlanta for the Final Four Basketball Tournament. With attendees arriving before game day, Nabisco wanted to have a presence in the airport that would welcome passengers leading up to the games.


Airport Sampling Program with Pepsi

Experiential Marketing Program – Super Bowl Welcoming Engagement

Leading up to the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans, Pepsi teamed up with AMI to offer samples to passengers traveling through the airport. Pepsi’s new product, Pepsi Next, was handed out along with Tostitos chips and salsa. The program also included free giveaways and a branded photo booth that linked to social media. Over the seven day program, 60,000 samples were put into the hands of traveling consumers.

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Airport Sampling Program for Pringles

Product Sampling & Test Tasting

Pringles set out to promote their “Grab & Go” cans. AMI created an engaging program that mirrored Pringles’ “fun brand” image. With a Flavor Station at Charlotte Douglas International Airport run by Brand Ambassadors, AMI reached thousands of passengers traveling during the Thanksgiving Holiday peak travel times and promoted Pringles as a product that will bring more flavor to a boring or stressful time.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Fair

Blue Cross Blue Shield approached AMI for concepts to assist in fulfilling their mission to enhance the health of the people in the communities it serves, along with driving Brand Affinity. Looking for new ways to enhance consumer health, help consumers get answers to their health questions and offer wellness tips geared to the traveling population was a natural fit with AMI’s approach to experiential campaigns.


Targeted Sampling with Theraflu

Theraflu set out to make a positive and lasting impression on airport passengers, and gave AMI a list of their target markets. AMI created a list of key airports close to those markets and obtained flight schedules from Boston Logan. Each flight to Theraflu’s target markets was highlighted and given to Theraflu’s Brand Ambassadors to focus on those departure gates and baggage claim carousels of arriving passengers.

Google Airport WIFI Sponsorship Program

Prior to the introduction of products such as Chrome and Google Docs, Google tended to avoid traditional advertising methods.  However, in entering more competitive markets (such as web browsers), Google sought to create market awareness in non-traditional ways. AMI recommended targeting an important demographic at the optimal point of product relevance – as travelers are accessing the internet at airports.

Airborne Product Sampling Case Study

Seasonal Product Sampling Program

Airborne’s primary focus was to drive trial usages of their herbal cold-fighting supplement with a receptive audience during the winter months – the company’s most critical sales season, to its largest audience demographic – the traveling public. Airborne was looking for a distinctive sampling promotion and a way to showcase its product. The airport environment was a logical venue to achieve these business goals. Airborne understood the best way to put their product into the hands of their target consumer and looked to AMI’s multi-market sampling program to gain brand loyalty.