Put them in first class before they board.

AMI pioneered airport sponsorships with ground-breaking parking sponsorships launched in Boston and Dallas. We are the only airport focused marketing agency with over 20 years of experience navigating airport complexities to create powerful first-of-their-kind programs; developing meaningful brand connections with millions of consumers in partnership with some of the world’s greatest brands.

Our extensive network of airports throughout North America allows us to engage, educate, and entertain millions of visitors through customized, VIP experiences.

What AMI can provide:

  • The skills and expertise to build high-impact, VIP experiences at some of the nation’s best airports
  • High impact “surprise and delight” activities such as discounted parking, free Wi-Fi, coffee, newspapers, windshield shades and more
  • The means to communicate directly with thousands of local consumers – 365 days a year
  • The ability to integrate and grow the audience for your social media campaigns

AMI gives you exclusive access to:

  • Parking sponsorship options – valet, cell lots, membership programs and VIP areas, with access to thousands of local consumers each month
  • Venue sponsorship options – Terminals, Kids play areas, VIP lounges, unique experiences
  • Our network of hundreds of busy airports throughout the US
  • Data collection that facilitates one-to-one communication
  • Eye-catching, high-impact signage opportunities not previously offered