Seasonal Sampling


Airborne’s primary focus was to drive trial usages of their herbal cold-fighting supplement with a receptive audience during the winter months – the company’s most critical sales season, to its largest audience demographic – the traveling public.  Airborne was looking for a distinctive sampling promotion and a way to showcase its product.  The airport environment was a logical venue to achieve these business goals.   Airborne understood the best way to put their product into the hands of their target consumer and looked to AMI’s multi-market sampling program to gain brand loyalty.  AMI’s proven track record in the niche post-security marketing category was a good fit for Airborne.


AMI facilitated an interactive and engaging marketing campaign in two of the nation’s busiest airports during the holiday travel season.  Over the course of 42 days during the months of November and December, AMI orchestrated a plan for Airborne to launch the largest post-security sampling program in aviation history, with more than 25 badged brand ambassadors in Chicago O’Hare and Denver International airports.


Airborne saw an increase in sales and brand awareness from this program, and the airports benefited by providing an enhanced travel experience for passengers during a season when traveling can be difficult.  The program was a resounding success, with the distribution of over 800,000 samples in only six weeks and collecting thousands of sweepstakes entries, giving Airborne access to valuable consumer information. The program generated increased brand awareness for Airborne, gaining coverage in several publications including in Brandweek, Event Marketer, PROMO Magazine and Aviation Daily.  Airport officials hailed the program as highly successful in terms of passenger and employee satisfaction.  “The objective was to get our product in the hands of as many consumers as possible,” says Alison Calder, VP Marketing at Airborne.  “We’ve found that a large percentage of people who try Airborne continue to use it.  A number of travelers swear by Airborne, which is why this promotion was such a perfect fit.  We reached those people who are constantly on-the-go in their environment.”