New Orleans International Airport, Super Bowl 2013


Pepsi’s focus was getting their new product, Pepsi Next, into the hands of football fans, who are a large target market for the brand. As a seasoned Super Bowl sponsor, Pepsi was aware of its ability to reach this demographic through AMI’s sampling and experiential programs inside of the host city airport.


Pepsi sponsored a seven day event that targeted passengers attending Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Using strategic locations to target incoming and outgoing passengers, Brand Ambassadors engaged passengers and handed out samples of Pepsi Next and Tostitos chips and salsa. Other activations included:

  • Eye blacks
  • Rally towels
  • Branded photo booth integrated into Pepsi’s social media networks
  • Surveys to gain valuable consumer insight


Success. We distributed 60,000 samples, reaching a very significant percentage of those traveling through New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Nearly 85% of the passengers who sampled the Pepsi and Tostitos products were trying them for the first time. Almost three-quarters of those who sampled said they would purchase the products within the next 30 days. Throughout the program, passengers asked questions including, “How many calories are in Pepsi Next?” and “How long has Pepsi Next been out?” After the program, we provided Pepsi with meaningful, measurable data that is invaluable to the brand.