Targeted Sampling Program


Theraflu set out to make a positive and lasting impression on airport passengers, and gave AMI a list of their target markets. AMI created a list of key airports close to those markets and obtained flight schedules from Boston Logan. Each flight to Theraflu’s target markets was highlighted and given to Theraflu’s Brand Ambassadors to focus on those departure gates and baggage claim carousels of arriving passengers.


AMI created an engaging marketing campaign in Boston Logan during the holiday travel season. For 45 days from December to February, AMI worked Monday through Friday during peak travel hours to distribute samples and promote Theraflu’s Severe Cold & Cough Relief product to arriving and departing passengers.


The Theraflu program was a resounding success, with 158,300 samples distributed, surpassing their goal of 150,000 samples. The program also generated increased brand awareness for Theraflu, with an estimated 4.5 million people exposed to their brand over the nine week program. Airport officials and staff were extremely happy with the overall program. The Brand Ambassadors became recognized by business travelers and were highly regarded by passengers, flight crews, and airport personnel.