Airport Marketing Income
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Experiential Marketing

The right way to reach today's richest prospects.


AMI. Turning Corners into Currency

The Challenge: Same old, same old just doesn't work anymore. Not among todays discerning air travel population.

The Solution: AMI's airport-wide non-traditional signage programs, significantly more effective than back-lit displays when tied with creative customed designed experiences. This provides corporate clients with branding and promotional opportunities like none they've ever seen, nor been able to accomplish within an Airport environment, before.

Picture this: Stories-tall blank walls transformed into gasp-inducing interactive graphics. A 120 foot-long pedestrian bridge wrap introducing a new product or service with non-stop impact. A 60 foot-high garage tower with proprietary corporate messaging, reinforced by express parking and VIP customer perks that increase brand loyalty and enhance the overall traveler experience.

That merely scratches the surface of how AMI can help leverage multiple touch points and promote unused airport inventory to corporate partners as a compelling new way to reach their richest prospects.