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Airwaves, the Sound of Success

Are you ready to reach the world's most influential prospects? Listen up...

AMI, with its proprietary custom sound entertainment program, Airwaves, not only provides corporate partners with a way to catch the ear of their most desirable customers, but enables you to enhance the travel experience for the millions of consumers passing through on an annual basis.

This totally new medium captivates the ear from the moment a traveler enters the terminal and throughout all public access areas, enhancing their experience every step of the way. AMI offers custom programming, refreshed daily, and delivered with a quality that surpasses even FM sound. Music formats range from cool jazz to classics and soft rock . . . family-focused entertainment . . . your own relevant, real-time public service announcements . . . all seamlessly integrated with corporate messaging, studio-produced, creatively crafted and delivered by professional voice talent.

Combine this breakthrough medium with AMI implemented experiential programs, and corporations will instill a positive impression on millions of prospects as they prepare for departure. (more)