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Experiential Marketing

The right way to reach today's richest prospects.


AMI. Turning Prospects into Pre-Sold Customers

Touching, testing or tasting a product is truly worth a thousand words. Experiential marketing is today's hot button for companies desiring to target those highly-prized air travel passengers who generally ignore typical mass marketing efforts. AMI's airport-based, multi-touch marketing programs not only appeal to their upscale sensibilities, but to their senses.

Sight, sound, scent, taste and touch...

Advertising-adverse consumers unaware of a new brand of coffee can actually sip a free sample while waiting at the gate. Conference-goers will appreciate VIP arrival service and assistance. And those high-energy types tired of cooling their heels will happily have a go at, say, a golf swing analysis demonstration, and quickly recall the name of the sponsor who helped them pass in-terminal time when they make their next purchase.

All these captive prospects will check out a new product, test a new device, taste a new tidbit or tote along a complimentary magazine - and leave the airport with a positive impression.