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Today's airport environment represents phenomenal profit potential. Early arrivals, given increased security requirements, give you more time - a full 90 minutes - to interact with and engage these prime passengers. Demographically speaking, they're pure gold - highly educated, high-income flyers in that prized 25- to 54-year age group.

  • 61% of Frequent Flyers fall into the ultra-desirable 25- to 54- year age group
  • 33% of Frequent Flyers net annual incomes exceeding $100,000
  • 68% of Frequent Flyers have a college or grad school degree
  • Almost all air travelers spend 1.5 hours waiting to depart from an airport
  • 82% of Frequent Flyers read and recall airport displays
  • Frequent Flyers are two and a half times more likely than the typical consumer to have made corporate purchasing decisions in the past year.
  • They're also more discerning, two and a half times more likely to have spent $1,000 or more on jewelry or watches.
  • Frequent Flyers are twice as likely as the average consumer to purchase or lease a new luxury vehicle.
  • Frequent Flyers are "early adopters," almost twice as likely as the average consumer to sample and adopt new products, technologies and services.
  • Frequent Flyers are one and half to two times more likely to attend concerts and theater, to frequent resorts and to engage in high-end sports like snow skiing.