Discover why airports are your perfect venue for experiential engagements.

AMI connects with a rich, ripe and captive audience all while putting your Brand at the center via a robust activation – with a unique audience everyday.

Most passengers typically spend 90 minutes (post security) waiting for their flight, making them the perfect receptive audience. Unexpected and welcomed, guests will delight in the brand that puts something pleasant between them and their busy day.

Airports are a unique venue where the little things can mean a lot. Whether it is preferred parking, expedited security or an entertaining diversion – Brands can leverage the value of a positive lasting impression.

Access to Millions of Frequent Flyers Every Day


Are between the ages of 25 and 64

Large percentage hold C-level titles and work across a span of industries

3 x

Almost 3 times more likely to be in management

Influential business and purchasing decision makers