AMI creates Sponsorship Programs in Airports that enhance the travel experience by engaging a unique group of ultra-desirable consumers every day.


AMI. The Premier Resource Ready to Turn Airports into Experiences

At AMI, we know the real value of airports. AMI’s vast experience in today’s air travel environment and knowledge of passenger motivation enables us to leverage both in order to offer incredible integrated, multi-engagement marketing and sponsorship opportunities. As you’ll see, some of the country’s biggest and busiest airports agree.


Knowing how, when and where to engage with this sought after audience is critically important to the success of the program. Our collaborative process aligns brand and agency teams with airport professionals to strategically design programs that enhance the passenger experience by engaging, educating and entertaining. Our customized reporting tools allow continuous management of the program to ensure metrics are established, measured and met. Whether implemented as a client’s sole promotional tactic or integrated with other marketing campaigns, AMI’s airport-based marketing income programs can target, touch, and influence the millions of top-tier consumers impossible to cost-effectively reach until now.


We offer powerful teamwork built on individual talent, strategic relationships, and an unwavering vision of where we believe this industry is headed. Our executive staff brings 20+ years of development in the aviation business and has implemented thousands of sponsorships, special events, and experiential marketing campaigns. This experience is critically important when operating in a complex airport environment.

We are fortunate to have the honor of working with the best brands, agencies, and airports in the world. Together, we strive to create unexpected, high impact, surprise and delight types of experiences in busy airports throughout North America.