AMI creates Sponsorship Programs in Airports that enhance the travel experience by engaging a unique group of ultra-desirable consumers every day.


AMI. The Premier Resource to Turn Airports into Experiences

“Marketing Income” initiatives are designed to bridge the divide between media offerings from airport advertising companies and the creation of true brand experiences aligned with the priorities and customer initiatives of forward thinking airport management teams. Simply put, we partner with a select group of consumer brands to create immersive experiences that surprise and delight millions of travelers. By adjusting traditional airport metrics from solely focusing on the number of media “impressions” to include measuring the significant  “goodwill” benefits associated with brand partners that improve the passenger experience, we design and build long term sponsorships valued by all of our partners.


No one has designed, created, built, shipped, operated, and managed from start to finish more brand experiences and sponsorships inside airports than Airport Marketing Income (AMI). Our executive staff brings 25+ years of development in the aviation business and has implemented hundreds of sponsorships, special events, and experiential marketing campaigns. This experience is critical when operating in a complex airport environment. Airports is all we do, and no one does them better.

Our team of aviation industry pros collaborates with airport management teams, consumer brands, creative and media agencies, and traditional airport advertising companies to help deliver unexpected experiences. Our airport sponsorship programs with leading brands like Google, Pepsi, American Express, Lexus, Unilever, Dunkin, and Mondelez showcase new and innovative ways for airport brand partners to engage, educate and entertain millions of passengers.


We offer powerful teamwork built on individual talent, strategic relationships, and an unwavering vision of where we believe this industry is headed.. We are proud to work with the best brands, agencies, airports, and airport media companies in the world. Together, we strive to create unexpected, high impact, surprise and delight types of experiences in busy airports throughout North America.