Discover why airports are your perfect venue for experiential engagements.


Over 1.8 million passengers move through US Airports every single day. This group of influencers consists of corporate decision makers, heads of households, and executives. AMI engages, educates and entertains these influencers through the creation of unexpected surprise and delight experiences. 

Most passengers typically spend 90 minutes (post-security) waiting for their flight, making them the perfect receptive audience. AMI was built to bridge the gap between traditional airport advertising and experiences that allow a select group of brand partners to engage in sponsorships that make the travel experience better. Unexpected and welcomed, guests will delight in the brand that puts something pleasant between them and their busy day.

Airports are a unique venue where the little things can mean a lot. Whether it is preferred parking, expedited security or a newly created healthy walking path to get their steps in entertaining diversion – Brands can leverage the value of a positive lasting impression.




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