Back in the summer of 2017, we began development of our newest airport health & wellness sponsorship. The unique opportunity to design a new passenger experience that complemented the physical layout of Dulles’ long terminals and walkways translated into countless hours of walking the airport to identify impactful locations to dramatically and effectively communicate the benefits of living healthy.

Our partners, The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) and Clear Channel Airports were instrumental in developing the framework for this new passenger experience. Once that process completed, we began working with Crosby Marketing and Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic to make the vision come to life.

Millions of passengers and thousands of airport employees will now benefit from over 2 miles of newly created in-airport walking paths that include healthy travel tips communicated through dramatic media locations as well as information downloadable to visitor’s smartphones.

“We are proud to add this exciting new airport sponsorship with Kaiser Permanente at Dulles international to our portfolio. This sponsorship will have a meaningful and positive impact on the passenger experience.”

Jeff Eischen, CEO of AMI

“The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority  is thrilled to partner with Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic on our new health and wellness sponsorship. This union will not only enhance the passenger experience at Washington Dulles International, but call the everyday traveler to action by encouraging a personal commitment to health and physical well-being. The teams at AMI and Clear Channel Airports designed a footprint that aligns with our priorities to provide an enjoyable airport experience to our millions of visitors each year.”

MWAA Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Strategy, Chryssa Westerlund


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