Guys need deodorant….

As the father of two young sons beginning the teen years, I have become increasingly aware that guys really do need deodorant. I was surprised when I could not immediately recall the brand I have been using for too many years to count. While I could remember the “orange cap and the likelihood it was made by Gillette,” I honestly didn’t recall the actual product name.

If you think about it, since we try to limit our trips to the big box, mega retailers to every 90 days or so (purchasing in mega-pak quantities), it isn’t surprising that some of the brands we use all the time can be lost from our “mental shelf space” – especially if you are lucky enough to have someone take the visit to mega store off your “to do” list.

Airport Sampling is a great way to reach thousands of unique visitors every day within our airport network where consumers have shown a huge likelihood to try a new product. There is just something to the art of human interaction with introducing a new product to a new consumer in a way that surprises and delights. We have the good fortune to work with some great consumer brands like Dunkin, Pepsi, Mondelez, Unilever and others that have provided countless examples of brand ambassadors putting smiles on consumers’ faces.


  • Two-thirds of consumers try products they’re offered, regardless of whether they are familiar with the brand/product or whether they’ve purchased the product before.
  • 35% of shoppers buy sampled products the same day.
  • Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention – Almost half (47%) of consumers who never heard of the product before they sampled it plan to buy it in the future. Six in 10 consumers who sampled the product they are familiar with but never bought before plan to buy it in the future. Eighty-five percent of current customers plan to buy the product they sampled again.
*Arbitron Product Sampling Study – 2008


The next time a brand ambassador offers me that new deodorant or shampoo, I will be the guy at the head of the line, grabbing 2 samples.