Health & Wellness Sponsorship



AMI was tasked with creating an interactive health & wellness experience at Cigna’s “hometown airport,” Bradley International, designed to engage consumers on the importance of “knowing their numbers” in four critical areas that include blood pressure, glucose levels, BMI, and cholesterol levels. A “test and learn” process was developed to establish metrics and procedures for expansion to other markets.


AMI and Cigna set out to develop an airport footprint that would make a huge impact on travelers and airport employees to let everyone know Hartford is “Cigna town.” The experience includes measured walking paths, interactive health station units to report biometrics, traditional and non-traditional media assets, health clinician activations, and more to engage thousands of consumers every month while keeping Cigna top of mind.


The program is a resounding success, so much so that Cigna decided to extend for another 12 month period. Millions of passengers through the airport have experienced the Cigna walking paths and many of them are now connected directly with Cigna health experts after they requested to “Learn More” through our interactive health station units. During the first year of this Sponsorship, the health station units administered nearly 26,000 tests and hundreds of passengers have registered with the health stations to track their progress.

Go. Know. Take Control.

GO to a free Cigna Health Station.

KNOW your biometrics.

TAKE CONTROL of your health.

Take a few minutes for a lifetime of good health.